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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Toners Wedding

I felt like reminiscing today a summer wedding from last year. Oh when the weather was wonderfully hot, so hard to imagine with the grey dark skies today. 
This was the Toners day which I hadn't shared on here as I didn't have my blog.
It was a gorgeous day for Abbie the beautiful bride and James. I am proud to say this was my first wedding as Katie Drouet Photography and it felt great to shoot it in the style I wanted.
It was a little extra special as Abbie and I grew up together and went to the same schools so the pressure was really on to give her something fantastic from her wedding photography. 
I am so proud of these photos and it makes me excited to think I have so many more weddings this year .. I can't wait to get creative and give my all to 2012!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hello everyone! 
Sorry for the delay in telling you this news but I had to wait for the paper. 
I am so happy to announce that I was made the regional winner of the business accelerators award! I get a great media campaign and mentoring and now will go up against the rest of the winners to gain Deborah Meaden as a mentor! 
Thanks for everyone's support. I am a very happy bunny! 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's a family affair!

For Janine it was a very busy Christmas! She is busy running the fantastic company Crafty Cooks which gives children from any age the chance to have fun learning about food and baking through cookery classes. 
But she certainly had a full house this Christmas with her brother in law coming over from Canada with his family and kids. We thought it would be a great chance to get everyone involved and take some photos to remember the occasion.
What a lovely present to have to capture photos to remember the day and have a nice family outing.
For more information on your local classes or for information for parties then click on the link or email janine@craftycooks.co.uk

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!! 
I am a little behind with my posts as I took a little time off over the festive period for a rest. 
Here is a shoot I did just before Christmas.
I met up with Michaela and her husband Ricky and the boys Kia and little Leo.
The weather and light held out just right for us and our walk and the boys had great fun playing lots of games. These photos made a little book for Christmas presents for the grandparents and Michaela told me they cried when they saw them. 
It's so lovely to be able to make people so happy with a job I love and it's proof that photos are so precious and powerful to us all.